As smooth as butter

Butter sure is smooth. But making it is not that easy, it still needs a lot of churning from the butter maker. That’s where I come in, I churn over Blogger into smooth creamy WordPress. I do the hard work, and you enjoy the butter.

This service is only available to referrals from Anh’s Food Blog. Porting a blog over can require equal measures of artistry and technical skill. I personally handle each transition, and I ensure that I am fully available on the “Go Live” day to deal with any mishaps.

There are guides on the Internet about how to move blogger to wordpress. If they seem complicated ,that’s because they are. Read any guide and you can get that sinking feeling that you need more luck than skill. That’s true if you want to do it alone. A thousand things can go wrong. Information can be out of date, and you won’t know until you reach a critical stage. You can lose valuable links, ranking and ultimately, your visitors.

So I do the hard work to make sure that you maintain your rankings, your readers, your contents and your comments. 

Amongst the many services I offer in the blogger to wordpress transition are:

  • a snapshot of your current backlinks to ensure that anyone linking to your site can still use the same backlink address
  • a snapshot of you most popular posts.
  • a snapshot of the top Google search terms that are landing people on your site.
  • if your site has grown into an organic mess, we can work with you to restructure and clean up your site.
  • custom theme design. We make your site look like  a million dollars.
  • Tune up of your current on page SEO
  • Seen a cool feature that you want on your site? We’ll add that to your site too.

I also offer an SEO package to boost the PR of your site, in case you wanted a jump start in search rankings.

If this interests you and you are wondering about your blogger site, I’m happy to do a free consultation to check out your blog to see if it can be moved easily. Just drop me a line below.